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Hi-Tek Incorporated since 1985

Serving ages 50+ for over 30 years

Dayton, Ohio 45420

We are a participating Provider for the following Insurance Carriers

We have been a primary provider since 1985

for many of these insurance companies

We specialize with Anthem Medicare MediBlue

with selected plans of up to a $ 3,000 yearly benefit for Hearing Aids Through the Hearing Care Solutions and Call us for details

inncludes 2 Mini Oticon Ria2Pro aids with a 3 year warrantyations

We specialize with Anthem for FEDERAL employees, retirees and their spouses

We currently accept assignment from Anthem and as payment in full for selected groups of Federal insureds. Federal benefits of up to

$ 2,500 every 3 years

includes 2 Mini Oticon Ria2 aids with a 2 year warranty

Other plans have reduced benefits that we accept as partial pay