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Hi-Tek Incorporated since 1985

Serving ages 50+ for 35 years

Dayton, Ohio 45420

We are a participating Provider for the following Insurance Carriers

We have been a primary provider of managed care services for many of these insurance companies Since 1985

We specialize with Anthem Mediblue  Essential or Preferred   

with selected plans of up to a $ 3,000 yearly benefit for Hearing Aids through the Hearing Care Solutions Network includes 2 Mini Starkey RIC or 2 custom aids with a 3 year warranty and 1 year of free batteries with no deductibles and only a $ 500 Co-Pay.

We specialize with Anthem for FEDERAL employees, retirees and their spouses.    

We currently accept payment from Anthem as partial pay for selected groups of Federal insureds. Federal benefits of up to  $ 2,500 every 3 years with No Deductible and only a $ 500 Co-Pay.


Other plans may have reduced benefits that we accept as partial pay