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Introducing our newest Hi-Tek product offerings from Starkey and Oticon . . . .  Now you can   TEST DRIVE   our hearing instruments

with absolutely --   NO Risk  and NO Costs   of any kind. 

Just let me  BUY YOU  a set to try in your home, at work or anywhere you like for up to 30 days. Then you can decide to keep them or just return them within 30 days for a full 100% refund.

Sincerely,    John L. Hosford  ....  Founder / Owner and wearer of Hi-Tek hearing instruments

Mini over the ear or Tiny custom CIC completely in the canal models by Starkey with wireless technology with single button controls both aids with full volume adjustments plus noise control.

Suggested retail of up to $ 1,750 each. Your price only $ 1,250 each

with our No-Risk 30 Day free test drive with 100% money back guarantee.

Add Optional streamers to wirelessly connect to any cell phone with Bluetooth technology OR stream your TV in stereo for only $ 250 more each.

                  Over ONE MILLION sold in the USA

Mini over the ear or 1/2 size custom in the ear models with iPhone & Android  Bluetooth compatibility wirelessly streams stereo audio from your cell phone and other Bluetooth devices through a small connect clip directly into your new Oticon OPN / Siya custom hearing aids.

Suggested retail up to $ 3,000 each. Your price from $ 1,500+ each with our

No-Risk  No-Deposit  30 Day free test drive, just buy them or return them. 

                   Click on this link to view Oticon video